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STA Practitioners Level Horary Astrology Course - General Information

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The STA’s uniquely structured horary course is suitable for any astrologer with a secure understanding of basic astrological principles and experience of drawing up and interpreting charts. Previous experience in horary is not necessary - the course provides a full theoretical overview of the subject and highlights the most useful and reliable principles of judgement. In addition to showing how to most-effectively draw out the meaning of a chart, it also focusses on preparing astrologers for the sensitive issues that arise within the horary consultation process.

The course offers a practitioner level of certification, and by the end of the course any astrologer who is already capable of offering a professional astrology service will be ready to begin offering horary to clients. The course is also a requisite qualification for anyone wishing to undertake the advanced level of study and tutorial mentorship offered in the STA Masters-Level Horary Course.

The course explores the methodology, theory, history and practical application of horary technique, and places its emphasis on learning through typical client-scenarios, with consideration also given to informative historical examples. Although traditional techniques lie at the heart of the study, the course is geared towards the consulting needs of the modern horary astrologer and a wide range of typical (and unusual) horary queries are covered (including lost items/missing pets and people, relationships/emotional dilemmas, property/career/financial concerns).

Study groups are kept small to ensure plenty of individual attention, and lessons take the form of tutorials with follow-up discussion and practice scenarios. In these, students are guided towards developing refined focus, and taught the most efficient way to extract the pertinent details of the astrological symbolism. Each lesson allows the opportunity to explore and consolidate what is being taught through a selection of various chart examples, and the course is designed to offer an accumulated knowledge of traditional doctrines in a balanced way, so that theoretical principles enlighten and facilitate (rather than overwhelm) the creative aspect of horary interpretation.

Click this link to view sample prospectus (PDF: 2MB)

Residential intensives, attendance courses, or online presentations?

Past delivery of the course has shown that learning through exploration of modern case studies, under the direct guidance of a skilful practitioner with a small group of like-minded colleagues, is the best way understand horary’s full potential and acquire the confidence needed to work independently as a horary consultant.

This course has undergone a long period of development through being delivered for many years at workshop-style intensive seminars. It continues to be made available throughout the world by intensive programs, attendance classes and residential courses, and we strongly recommend that you make the effort to enrol onto one of the attendance courses if at all possible. If not, we provide an online version of the course which offers weekly delivery of study material and chart examples over a period of around three months.

As well as English language courses, the STA also offers this course in Dutch (as an attendance course in Holland) and Chinese (as an attendance course in Hong Kong).

Our upcoming and presently available courses are:

Hong Kong22 Jul 2020Chinese     Jupiter LaiOnline 20-week programweb page View/download the prospectus for this course
Online1 Aug 2020English     D. Houlding, E. Dembowski, L. Lehman, W. CavesOnline 20-week programweb page View/download the prospectus for this course
Melbourne2 Oct 2020English     Eve Dembowski5-day intensiveweb page View/download the prospectus for this course
Online23 Jan 2021English     D. Houlding, E. Dembowski, L. Lehman, W. CavesOnline 20-week programweb page View/download the prospectus for this course

Costs of courses:
Whilst all tutors offer the Practitioners-Level Horary Course at the same tutorial rate, costs differ for each course according to venue, location and format of delivery. Details of costs are shown on individual course pages and PDF fliers - if these are not available contact the tutor delivering the course, or the STA course administrator ( to receive full information. Bear in mind that discounts are sometimes given for early bookings, as these help to bring the costs down for the organisers.

Want a course in your area?
We are usually able to arrange delivery of the course as an intensive event in any international region where a small number of astrologers have indicated an interest in taking it together as a group. Email us if you would like further information about this.

Further enquiries?
Enquiries on any specific courses detailed above are best addressed to the tutor or organiser via the email contact details listed. For any general enquiries, questions about courses in preparation, or to know about the prospect of a course being delivered in your own geographical region, contact the course administrator ( It helps for us to know which country you live in, and if there are any formats that you particularly want or do not want to follow.


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STA courses are endorsed by the APAE and approved by the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).