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Deborah Houlding

Deborah Houlding

Deborah Houlding, founder of the STA School, is based in Nottinghamshire, UK, and has worked as an astrological consultant since the late 1980s. After qualifying as a horary practitioner, she initially worked as a tutor on Olivia Barclay's QHP correspondence course. She acted as Horary Editor for the Astrological Association of Great Britain's Journal, and Editor of The Traditional Astrologer magazine (1993 to 2000). Her articles on horary have been translated into many languages and have appeared in numerous magazines and journals. She is currently an associate editor for The Mountain Astrologer magazine, which presented her serialised "Introduction to Horary Astrology" in 2013. Deborah also hosts the astrology website Skyscript (

Deborah's book, The Houses: Temples of the Sky is regarded as an essential text for anyone seeking an informed knowledge of the development and practical use of astrological houses. It is available in Czech, English, German, Italian, and Turkish. Deborah is also the author, with Oner Doser, of Soru Astrolojisi: Horary Astrology (Astroloji Okulu, 2015).

Deborah established her own horary course in 1996, in a completely unique format, which demonstrates theoretical principles through their application to chart work. This approach was motivated by her observation that many astrologers who gain qualifications in horary courses, admit to knowing the theory, but lacking the confidence to apply the techniques in practice.

In 2010 Deborah was awarded the Charles Harvey Award by The Astrological Association of Great Britain in recognition of her "exceptional service to astrology". In 2012 she received the Jayavidya Cultural Association International Award for her cultural contributions to the field of astrology. In 2018 Deborah received the UAC Marion March Regulus Award for advancing the ‘Theory & Understanding’ of astrology. Her personal website is at, and she can be contacted via email at

Lee Lehman

Lee Lehman, Ph.D

In her four decade development as an astrologer, practical application has been a persistent hallmark which has defined Lee Lehman. Lee has a Ph.D. in Botany from Rutgers University. She is author of The Ultimate Asteroid Book (1988), Essential Dignities (1989), The Book of Rulerships (1992), Classical Astrology for Modern Living (1996), The Martial Art of Horary Astrology (2002), Astrology of Sustainability (2011), Traditional Medical Astrology (2011), Classical Solar Returns (2012), The Magic of Electional Astrology (2014), and a translation from the French of Papus’ Astrology for Initiates, available for purchase here here. She is the former Academic Dean of Kepler College, and teaches regularly at the Midwest School of Astrology, Avalon School of Astrology, and Kepler College, as well as serving as a faculty member of the STA and Principal of the STA Medical Program. Lee has trained students in horary, medical and electional all over the world, in both live and online formats.

An early adherent of the current neo-classical movement in astrology, Lee’s focus has been to speak the method of classical astrology in modern language, and to help encourage people to learn how to apply ancient knowledge in modern systems. Her Perennial Herbal takes ancient astrological herbalism onto the web.

Lee was the recipient of the 1995 Marc Edmund Jones Award, and the recipient of the 2008 Regulus Award for Education.

Tienka Atema

Tienka Atema

Tienka, who is fluent in English and Dutch, runs her own astrological practice in Bilthoven, Holland. Tienka initially trained as a nurse, specialising in Intensive Care, before developing her interest in astrology in 1992. She completed the five-year Vocational Psychological Astrology course of Karen Hamaker's foundation, Achernar, before pursuing Classical Studies in Horary and Advanced Classical Studies in Horary with Lee Lehman. She has also completed four years' training in Jungian Psychology and Special Symbols at Stchting Odrerir, the Medieval Practitioner's Diploma and Diploma in Fixed Stars at Astro-Logos, and the course in Medieval Astrology offered by Astro Mundi in Australia.

Tienka commenced her study of the STA's Masters Level Horary Course in March 2010 and began tutoring for the school in June 2012. She teaches horary courses in small attendance groups in Holland, and as well as learning horary 'hands-on' under the personal guidance of Tienka, students receive over 100 A4 pages of her Dutch language hand-outs and study notes.

Tienka offers consultations, lectures and workshops, and is a member of the Astrological Association of the Netherlands. She represented the STA school at the 2012 Annual Conference of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, where she explored the theme of finding lost objects with horary.

Tienka's personal website is at She can be contacted via email at

Eve Dembowski

Eve Dembowski

Eve Dembowski runs her astrological practice in Melbourne, Australia. She has trained as a musician, flower essence therapist, and astrologer. She was one of the founding members of the Flower Essence Foundation of Australasia, (serving as its president in 1999-2000); and in 2009 and 2010 she was one of the conveners of the Regulus Traditional Astrology Conference, held in Australia.

As well as her Masters Level Diploma in Horary from the STA, Eve's astrological qualifications also include the Diploma of Applied Astrology from Astro-synthesis, a certificate in medieval astrology from Robert Zoller, and the FAA Practitioners Diploma, in which she was awarded the silver medal of excellence for the Interpretation exam.

Eve consults, teaches, and frequently presents workshops and lectures on traditional astrology and astrological philosophy. She has had many articles published in the FAA journal, The Mountain Astrologer and Astrolog. Eve has been tutoring for the STA since August 2013 and represented the STA school at the 2015 Annual Conference of the Astrological Association of Great Britain where she explored the topic of 'radicality' and the 'Considerations before Judgement'. She presents STA courses through classes with small study groups in Melbourne, over distance via the internet, and as residential intensives.

Eve's personal astrological blog is at She can be contacted via email at

Wade Caves

Wade Caves

Wade Caves, based in San Francisco, USA, is an astrological consultant and educator specializing in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. Wade was certified with honors from the Mayo School of Astrology in London, and has expert knowledge of both traditional and modern psychological methods of chart delineation. Wade's passion is in understanding the historical and philosophical origins of astrological symbolism, whilst finding new and reliable ways to put this information to use in a consultation setting. He is the editor and annotator of the 300th anniversary edition of William Lilly's History of his Life and Times (Rubedo Press, 2015).

Wade received his certification as a horary practitioner from the STA in 2013, and now serves as a faculty member. He began tutoring for the STA in October 2015 and delivers the Practitioners Level Horary Course as an intensive attendance program and online.

Wade has a busy consultation practice, lectures widely and publishes frequently on horary through journal articles and online podcasts. Wade's personal website is at Wade can be contacted via email at

Jupiter Lai

Jupiter Lai

Jupiter, a practicing astrologer based in Hong Kong, is active in teaching astrology in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. She is the co-founder, along with Rod Chang, of the Academy of Astrology, which was founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting Western Astrology to Chinese speakers. Jupiter lectures on a wide range of astrological subjects, from natal to mundane astrology, and also incorporates Chinese astrology, I-Ching and Feng Shui into her own astrological practice. Through the work of the Academy, Jupiter has helped to introduce many international speakers to Asia, where they have shared their astrological insights to local students.

Jupiter began her formal study of astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, and later received certification as a horary practitioner from the STA School of Traditional Astrology in 2013. Enthralled by the philosophical principles and techniques of classical astrology, she continues her in-depth study of horary with the STA's Master course.

With an aim to bring horary astrology to Chinese speaking communities, Jupiter has been working on the translation of the STA course material since 2014 and the first Practitioner's Level Horary Course was delivered in Chinese in Hong Kong in February, 2016.

Jupiter's personal website is at She can be contacted via email at

2008年跟台灣占星師魯道夫成立「Academy of Astrology國際占星研究院」,為華人提供正統專業、有系統的占星教育。學院提供香港、台北、中國的現場課及網絡課程,學生來自各地區的華人。本學院亦多番邀請不同的國際級占星大師來亞州講課,提升學生之占星學問至國際水平。 Jupiter主要於香港授課,以及不定期往不同城市如深圳、吉隆坡、台北講課。Jupiter先於英國占星學院Faculty of Astrological Studies修讀,其後於英國STA School of Traditional Astrology獲取卜卦占星證書,並成為其認證導師,獲授權翻譯其教材並教授STA之卜卦占星師證書課程。同時亦跟隨STA創辦人及國際著名占星師Deborah Houlding作古典占星之研究。


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